At CBC we offer the most effective solutions for your company in all legal aspects of Corporate Compliance or regulatory compliance programs.

We advise you on the prevention, detection and reduction of risks in operational and business processes with customers and suppliers in order to avoid legal, criminal and economic liabilities or possible negative impacts on your reputation.

Rely on our Professional Team. We will assist you step by step in the implementation of a regulatory compliance or criminal risk prevention program.

At CBC we design and implement comprehensive prevention plans for any companies.

We would like to highlight our services:

  1. Analysis and diagnostic of the initial situation.
  2. Risk and control map.
  3. Replacement of evidence.
  4. Training program.
  5. Disciplinary system.
  6. Continuous assessment of audits and reports.

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In the following video you will be able to see the key aspects of the criminal liability of legal persons.

With the legislative reforms produced in criminal matters, public limited companies, private limited liability companies and other legal entities can be held criminally liable for certain crimes that occur under its structure, by its employees, managers or administrators.

In order to exempt the criminal liability of the legal entity, the implementation of a regulatory compliance system within companies is required.

At CORE BUSINESS CONSULTING we offer you the implementation of the criminal compliance system, as well as specific services such as a criminal risk report, a crime prevention manual, a complaints channel, etc.