Application of preventive measures regarding the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing


Implementation of the compliance system to avoid criminal liability of the company.


Design and implementation of equality plans and other complementary services (remuneration audit, anti-harassment protocols, training …)


Implementation of a whistleblowing channel as a measure to prevent crimes and infractions in the company




The AML / TF Technical Unit is the specialized staff dedicated exclusively to the treatment and analysis of the entity’s information. At Core Business Consulting we offer you the possibility of outsourcing this service through our professionals. In the above video you can see the key aspects of this service (audio in Spanish).

Companies can be criminally liable for certain crimes that occur under their structure by their employees, managers or administrators.

Introduce a criminal compliance system and reduce risks. Learn more in the above video (audio in Spanish) or in our Criminal Compliance page.

Different regulations such as the AML / TF law, the Equality Law or the Criminal Code impose or recommend the implementation of whistleblowing channels in companies. Within the framework of the new regulatory requirements, we have developed “Compliance Mailbox”, a tool that is used to prevent crimes and infractions and that allows a very easy implementation in your company. Find more information in the above video (audio in Spanish) and in our Compliance Mailbox page.

At Core Business Consulting we have expert consultants who provide training both on-site and via webinar. We highlight our courses on money laundering prevention, on which we have trained more than 500 hours to large companies of recognized national prestige.

We have online courses in AML / TF, criminal compliance and equality for large companies with difficulties to summon all their workers as well as for small companies that cannot afford a dedicated consultant.

We support you in the design and implementation of equality plans, complying with what is indicated in current regulations and advising on good practices.

You can find more information about this in our Equality section.